Fresh Sole Fresh Sea Bass Fresh Opah Fresh Ling Cod Fresh Black Cod Fresh Albacore

Enjoy the freshest local fish available at a drop-point near you.


  • Improve your diet by getting the powerful anti-oxidants found in natural sources of Omega 3 fats.

  • Enjoy in season, wild caught fish–get what they’re catching when they are catching it.

  • Taste the better flavor and succulence found in locally sourced, wild caught fish.

  • At $3 per person per meal, our prices are the most affordable of locally caught fish.

  • You are supporting local commercial fishing families.  Your participation keeps our working harbors working!


Arroyo Grande–Rutiz Family Farm 1075 The Pike

Home and Business Deliveries on existing routes $10/month

Los Osos–Los Osos Valley Organic Farm 2310 Clark Valley Road

San Luis Obispo–SWCA, back parking lot upstairs behind Central Coast Brewing, 1422 Monterrey St.

San Luis Obispo–The Natural Foods Coop 2494 Victoria Street

order now slo fresh catchGet weekly deliveries of wild caught fish fillets plus a newsletter with information about the fishermen, the fish and recipes. Click the “Add to Cart” button and sign up online or call Owner Margie Hurd at (805) 481-5827 and she’ll answer your questions plus sign you up.

Meet Your Local Fish!

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When you buy fish from SLO Fresh Catch, you can be assured it meets 10 national standards that ensure fish stocks are maintained, overfishing is eliminated, and the long-term socioeconomic benefits to the nation are achieved.

FRESH CAUGHT IN- SEASON  Rockfish, Lingcod, Seabass, Black Cod, Sole, Shark, Albacore, Opah, and shell fish in season.

The seafood is packaged in 8 ounce portions on ice or gel packs and delivered to your drop-site or through home and business delivery

Central Coast’s Finest Fish

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SLO Fresh Catch is a community supported fishery program for consumers who care about marine conservation solutions, sustaining SLO County working harbors and lowering their carbon footprint by supporting local fishermen.

What Are CSF’s?